Encourage Yourself

There's a song my choir sang in college called "Encourage Yourself" by Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers. My favorite lines are where the soloist adlibs saying "Sometimes you've gotta look in the mirror and tell yourself 'I can make it'. You've gotta remember life and death lies in the power of your own tongue. Even if nobody tells you you can run on, you tell yourself. You've gotta remember 'I'm more than a conqueror' ". 

As I near my last year of my 20s, I'm so grateful I was introduced to that song at the beginning of my 20s. We get so excited to enter what we think is "adulthood" when we turn 20, that we put on our rose-colored glasses and think we're going to conquer the world. And for some of us, that is exactly what we set out to do. But conquering the world doesn't come without it's hurdles, pitfalls, and letdowns. 

There have been naysayers. There have been those that don't understand what or why you've set out on this journey. And there are those who have tossed their rose-colored glasses aside and turned to the bottom of whatever liquid, drug or addiction that will settle their mind and dull their senses. Then they want you to join them in their pit of despair. 

But... in spite of all of those who may or may not make it on your journey; remember it is your journey to take. If your heart is in conquering the issues of the world, then go after it, one step at a time. If your heart is in changing the lives of the youth, then impact change, one youth at a time. If your heart is for improving the lives of the elderly,  then share your heart, one day at a time. Remember,  your life is not only a gift but it's one with purpose. And as you go after your purpose, don't just rely on the cheers of others. Encourage yourself.

I hope this site/blog and my journey will be an encouragement to anyone that stops by! Through Faith, Fitness, and Fierceness, I hope you see a life lived abundantly!